I can offer you several services that I can perform at the holiday: the main event is face painting.

Location: Glasgow, Scotland and surrounding areas.
🥳 Face painting & 🥳🎉 Glitter tattoos:

Payment for the first hour £40, from the second hour the cost per hour £25.
Minimum booking is 1 hour and half for the price £55.

This includes unlimited face painting and glitter.

Artist hat:

Time for an event, it takes an hour or an hour and a half (sometimes 2 hours). 

I draw a painting (you choose a theme or character yourself), but leave a lot of the areas in the picture clean. Children under my guidance paint over these places, perhaps they add something from themselves, without violating the overall composition. 
When the picture is ready, it is presented to the birthday girl or boy. This painting remains for you and it will be possible to hang it in the children’s room without additional decoration, since the sides will be pre-painted.
This entertainment is called “Artist’s Hat”. 
The size of the picture is 50cm × 60cm. 
The paints we use are acrylic. 
Cost £120. 
The price includes the cost of the canvas and drawing in the picture before the party by the artist, paints and time at the party up to 2 hours (not additional charge). 

Children are always very interested in this activity, as this is a creative process. You always get wonderful photos that show pleasure and focus on the faces of children.

You will also be able to take photos of many different hats (“Box with hats”), which usually comes as a separate service.

Your pictures remains as a good reminder of a wonderful event. If you are interested in this entertainment, then please let me know, since you need to prepare a painting in advance.


“Box with hats” service separately, without additional services:
Cost £30.
Time at the event is one hour.

When ordering face painting, you can use a “Box with hats” for £20.
When ordering the “Artist’s Hat”, the “Box with hats” you can use for £10.
Box with hats is very good and fun for photo party!!!!

Subject to location there may be a fuel charge.

A deposit of £10 is transferred through PayPal or bank account, is included in the price of the work, and is a guarantee of your desire to use our services.  If you cancel the order, the deposit is not refundable.

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