Marina Daniluka

Welcome to my world of paintings

I’m a self-taught artist. 
I like to experiment with different techniques.  For many years I was looking for my style and my technique.  Therefore, almost all of my works are completely different and there is no single style until the last few years.
But my paintings, despite their technical diversity, have one thing in common, this is the brightness of colors and a variety of shades.
Colour, forming a form, appearing on the canvas in light or voluminous strokes, as if born, come to life and transmit feelings, symbolizing the beautiful and joyful that is in the soul.
So, my main task is to make my paintings evoke positive emotions.

In November, my painting "Landscape with Red Mountains" was show off on seven-meter billboards in the Boston in America.

My painting "Sky City" was exhibited at a grand exhibition in Scotland called the Big Art Show in autumn 2022.

I want to believe that my work will arouse your interest. I am always open to new experiments, projects and orders.  In addition to my favorite oil paint, I have extensive experience in drawing illustrations with different media such as watercolor, watercolor pencils, soft and oil pastels, ink, charcoal, gouache, tempera, felt-tip pens. I also know non-standard techniques, such as drawing with tea or three-dimensional paintings using papier-mâché or texture paste.

If you have any questions regarding my work, contact me