My name is Marina Daniluka. I’m a self-taught artist, although the basics were acquired by me at school in drawing lessons. Also was completed one year in college in England, Boston.

I’m orginally from Latvia but living in United Kingdom from 2012.

Since childhood, I liked to draw, perhaps it was inherited, since my grandfather was a wonderful artist. 

For many years after school I did not draw, since I graduated with a law degree and have also run the family catering and other business.

But one day in my life there was an unexpected turn and I began to teach children to draw.  Teaching children how to draw, I taught myself.  Children love new things and in order to interest them, I had to learn different techniques, styles, methods, materials and experiment myself in my works, which were originally prepared as samples for children. 

So, having moved to England in 2012, I continued the art lessons for children.  About a year later, I began to try to paint in oil. 

So experimenting with different techniques, I was looking for my style and my technique.  That’s why almost all my works are completely different and there is no single style until the last few years. 

I moved to Scotland in 2018.  I began to devote more time to painting and to realize myself more as an artist.

In November 2020, I created my technique with oil, and even gave it a name “Linkupism”.  I joked about this that I hope that critics and art lovers will not mind that I gave the name to this technique.  This is a palette knife technique, in which strokes of a certain shape are laid out sequentially from the top of the painting to the  bottom.  The image develops gradually.  I knead each shade of paint for 2-3 strokes, so there are hundreds of different shades in the painting.  The image become creat from a distance. 

Paintings are created extremely slowly.

After 2 years of working in this technique, I found two other artists on the Internet who work in a similar technique and started it around the same time as me.  Therefore, I decided that it was incorrect on my part to assign a name to the style.  And for this reason, all my paintings in this technique, I called the series Linkupism, Game of Shades.

If you have any questions regarding my work, contact me