Awards, exhibitions, publications

During my living in United Kingdom, I participated in several general exhibitions. 

One of my solo exhibitions was covered by the local newspaper The Boston Standard in England.

Read: The Boston Standard in England

I also participated in the regional competition and received an award Mayor Danny Brookes Mayoral. My winning painting was later auctioned off as Mayor Danny Brookes Mayoral charites. 

My artworks at different times were selected in a competition for an art magazine King House and was published.

I have participation certificates for 2017, 2019, 2021 and 2023. Luxembourg Art Prize.

2022 has been a busy year for my art activities. 

I happened to be on the Indian PTC news.

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For the first time I participated in the international competition Golden Time Talent.

I submitted 4 entries for the competition.  I was pleasantly surprised that all my works won prizes: 1st, double 2nd and 3rd places.

One of my paintings won in the Fine Art America competition and reach the final, which makes me extremely happy! 

In November, my painting “Landscape with Red Mountains” was show off on seven-meter billboards in the Boston in America. 

This is the second win for this painting!  The first victory was the first place in the international competition “Golden Time Talent”.

My painting “Sky City” was exhibited at a grand exhibition in Scotland called the Big Art Show in autumn 2022.


Article about me and my art was on Voyage Minnesota platform in November 2022.

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I was close to winning in the Wraptious Art competition!

Out of 5,000 artists, I ended up in the top 100, but I didn’t manage to become one of the 12 finalists. It was in December 2022.

About 30 paintings was exhibited at the Paisley Center (Scotland) in March and April 2023.

In the middle of June 2023, I became a participant in an exhibition in Switzerland (The ARTBOX.PROJECT BASEL 2.0 Euroairport Basel-Mulhouse) with my two oil paintings: “Fairytale world” and “Sunflowers, Game of Shades, Linkupism”. I became not only a participant, but also a semi-finalist, or rather, my picture of Linkupism with sunflowers excelled this time! I am very happy with the result! And I’m happy with the prize I won! These are catalogs with my 14 works that will be placed at the exhibition.

Also in 2023, participation in 3 graduation exhibitions should take place, which I will write about a little later.

For me, these are important events and victories.  I devote most of my time to art and family, so I left little time for self-promotion, like exhibitions or competitions.

In the future I will try to exhibit more of my work to the general public.  The image of a painting in a photograph that is displayed on a computer monitor or smartphone screen does not convey texture, color palette, energy and emotion. 

Each artist creates paintings for the emotions that it should evoke in the audience.

If you have any questions regarding my work, contact me